This Bunch Of Indian Stand-Up Comics Is Absolutely The Best. Here's Proof.

Keeps your stomach safe.

Stand-up comics in India are no longer people who serve as fillers between entertainment shows on television. Now, they have hugely popular shows themselves.

With the rising popularity of stand-up comedy in India, fuelled in large measure by the Internet and YouTube, every comic has his or her own space to deliver funny yet relatable punchlines that resonate with today's young and not so young audience.

And, if you've missed or forgotten some of these stand-up gems after binge watching on a lazy weekend, here's a funny reminder.

1. On standing united while drawing a scenery

2. On breasts vs tits

3. On predictive texts

4. On moms and their OCD about cleaning

5. On the horror of saying 'sanitary napkin' in public

6. On Uber driver fake-spotting you

7. On kid's dilemma of calling you didi or aunty

8. On dads being passive aggressive

9. On colorful cars in Delhi

10. On Indians traveling to America

11. On buying an iPhone for the first time

12. On tight airport security

13. On laziness

14. On people's ignorance

15. On bra shopping

16. On thankless wifi "vultures"

17. On deep and detailed talks with bae

18. On moms preserving old papers in Godrej almirah

19. On mom's golden rule

20. On creepy men trying to hit on women

21. On being an extrovert

22. On Uber drivers being Uber drivers

23. On ass-licking employees

24. On applying 'fairness cream'

25. On weird soup fractions

26. On pomegranates vs bananas

27. On difficulties faced by female comedians

28. On how to talk with women on phone

29. On why moms would make the perfect criminals

30. On evergreen show that CID is

31. On dad's nagging for food

32. On confident guy behind the counter at a pharmacy

33. On expensive taboos

34. On alarm clocks

35. On how superheroes wouldn't be superheroes if their moms were alive

36. On being an introvert

37. On turbulent flights

38. On clueless drivers

39. On how easily you can disappoint your dad

40. On driver's disappointment after learning the Monorail in Mumbai is only 5km long

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