26/03/2017 8:52 AM IST | Updated 26/03/2017 10:34 AM IST

After PAN, Mobile Numbers, Aadhaar Will Be Compulsory For Driver's Licence: Report

The move is expected to go into force from October.

Mint via Getty Images

Following rules mandating the Aadhaar number for filing tax returns and mobile numbers, the government will now make the 12-digit biometric number compulsory for obtaining driver's license, Times of India reported.

The move, expected to go into force from October, is aimed at cracking down on multiple driver's licenses issued under one name, making Aaadhar identification necessary for getting a new licence and renewing old ones.

Most of India's Regional Transport Offices (RTOs), responsible for issuing licences, have followed a manual system to update records so far, leading to errors leading duplication of licences, according to the report. The country has a total of about 18 crore driving licences.

Last week, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the government would make the Aaadhaar number mandatory for filing tax returns, with a requirement to link existing PAN cards to Aadhaar. The government has also passed rules making it mandatory to link all Indian citizen's mobile number to their Aadhar numbers.

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