23/03/2017 3:46 PM IST | Updated 23/03/2017 4:00 PM IST

'Haan Maine Usko Maara': Watch Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad Bragging On Camera About Hitting Air India Official With A Slipper

Privilege and entitlement in action.


Lest it be known that Shiv Sena members back off from what is legally assault, party MP Ravindra Gaikwad on Thursday not only accepted on camera that he hit an Air India official with a slipper, but also showed no regret when questioned by the media about the incident.

According to media reports, Gaikwad assaulted the official of the airline with his slipper over the allocation of a seat of his choice. He said the official misbehaved with him.

The party, known for its aggressive politics, is yet to come out with an official statement. However, in this video Gaikwad is seen defending himself, while brazenly accepting that he assaulted the official.

"Maine sandal se pachhis maara, (I rained 25 blows on him with my slipper)," bragged the leader. "I asked them to find a solution to the impasse. Instead he was showing me attitude," Gaikwad told ANI.

"He said 'who's an MP, I'll complain', so I hit him," he said, apparently irked that the official refused to give him preferential treatment for being a parliamentarian.

When the reporter pointed out that he is a parliamentarian and should not behave in this way, the MP said he would not take such things lying down. "I'm from the Shiv Sena, not from the BJP."

Air India has constituted a team to probe the incident, a spokesperson said. Times of India reported that Gaikwad was travelling from Pune to New Delhi when the incident happened. The MP claimed that Air India seated him in economy class even when his ticket was for business class.