22/03/2017 3:44 PM IST | Updated 22/03/2017 3:46 PM IST

Man Arrested For Throwing Acid At 18-Year-Old Girl In Delhi

The girl has been admitted in AIIMS.

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A man in Delhi has been arrested on Wednesday for throwing acid at an 18-year-old woman in the capital's Sangam Vihar area.

DCP (South East), Romil Baaniya told The Hindustan Times that the survivor of the attack is admitted to AIIMS and has suffered burns.

Reports suggest that the acid was 'diluted'.

ANI reports that a complaint was registered with the police on Wednesday morning at 10:25 am.

The incident took place outside the residence of the survivor's home in Sangam Vihar.

Reports suggest that the accused was said to be in a relationship with the girl, and was suspicious that she was speaking to another boy and that her marriage would be fixed with him.

Baaniya told Zee News that the accused surrendered to the police.

The news channel quoted Baaniya as saying, "Ravi confessed that he threw diluted acid on the girl. He told police that he was suspecting her of talking with some other boy."

Because of the increasing acid attacks in the country, the Supreme Court had banned the sale of acid over the counter.

The apex court had also ordered that a compensation of Rs 3 lakh to be paid by the state governments to each acid attack victim.

However, PTI had reported in 2016 that in Delhi acid was still being sold openly. Statistics on the website of Acid Survivors Foundation India shows that these attacks have steadily increased. While there were 106 reported acid attacks in 2011, it almost tripled to 249 attacks in 2015.

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