21/03/2017 9:29 PM IST | Updated 21/03/2017 9:40 PM IST

It's Been Just 7 Months Since The Rio Olympics, And This Is What The Venues Look Like Now

Seven months after Rio de Janeiro hosted the first Olympic Games in South America, many of the expensive venue sites remain abandoned.

Getty Images photojournalist Mario Tama recently captured images of the decaying structures that were promised by organizers to be a legacy benefit to the citizens of Brazil. From the degraded golf courses and swimming pools to an abandoned gondola line, the photos look less like the past home of a worldwide event and more like scenes from “The Walking Dead.”

The country remains in a deep economic and political crisis following the games. Critics believe the money spent on the games could have been better spent on developing infrastructure in the country.

See photos of what remains of the Rio Olympics sites below: