17/03/2017 9:45 AM IST | Updated 17/03/2017 10:56 AM IST

Surat Man Burns Two Piglets In Bid To Claim Insurance Money Of Four Non-Existent Daughters

What an idea Sirji! Not.


People often go to great lengths to swindle money, they rob, they forge documents, but what this vegetable vendor very original but also quite the stupid idea. Did it work? Nope.

He needed money, so he burnt two piglets in shed of an agricultural field, and reported to the police that his four daughters had died in the fire. After this he claimed money for 17 insurances worth Rs 65 lakh.

The Indian Express reports that while Ramesh Zharakhiya gave them the photo of his four daughters -- Darshana (10), Mansi (9), Tejasvi (8) and Rajashvi (7) -- he said they lived with their grandparents because their mother had died. He said that they had been brought to the city by their uncle, recently.

However, the police became suspicious when they found only five bones from the site of the alleged accident where he used to reportedly store vegetables.

The Times of India reported that Ramesh Zharakhiya and his brother-in-law had been arrested and that Zharakhiya had committed such crimes in the past.

The cops later found, according to The Indian Express report, after interrogating Zharakhiya that he did not even have daughters. They found that the photo he had given to the investigators was from a studio in Kamrej, where his sons live, with is wife who is also alive.

The report says that he had taken a loan of Rs 1 crore from a friend, which he lost in his business, and then bought life insurances so that he could dupe the insurance company for money.

What an idea Sirji! Not.

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