22/03/2017 9:20 AM IST | Updated 22/03/2017 2:19 PM IST

Apple Slashes Rates, Doubles Storage For iPhone SE In India

The 32 GB version will now start from ₹27,200.

LightRocket via Getty Images

Apple has slashed the price of the iPhone SE in India and increased its storage capacity. In a statement released last evening, the company announced that the 4-inch phone will now be available at a starting price of ₹27,200.

Earlier, the 16 GB iPhone SE model was priced at ₹39,000, whereas now the 32 GB model will be available at a lower price of ₹27,200.

The phone will be on sale from 24 March at all the authorised retail stores.

As reported earlier, Apple will inaugurate its manufacturing operations in India in April with the production of the iPhone SE. The Cupertino, California based company is partnering with Wistron for making iPhones in Bengaluru. Apple is still in discussion with the government, trying to secure tax concessions.

Some e-commerce portals are already selling the iPhone SE at a discounted rate. With the latest announcement, consumers can expect a heavy discount on the new models as well. As reported by TechPP, the 16 GB iPhone SE is being sold at ₹19,999 and the 64 GB version is being sold at ₹25,999, with cashback.