16/03/2017 9:58 PM IST | Updated 16/03/2017 10:15 PM IST

Two Indian Clerics From Delhi's Nizamuddin Dargah Go Missing In Pakistan

As per reports, one is missing from Karachi and the other one from Lahore.

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NEW DELHI -- Extremely worried about his father Asif Nizami missing in Pakistan, his son Amir Nizami on Thursday appealed to the government to take immediate action into the matter.

"We appeal to the Indian government to get to know about the whereabouts of both. They had gone on a pilgrimage and now there is no information about them," Nizami told the media.

"We are people of Dargah and want them to return to their country at the earliest. We urge the same to the government," he added.

Nizami further requested External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to take cognizance of the matter and investigate into the same.

The Indian authorities have raised the issue with Islamabad in connection with the missing case of two senior clerics from Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, who had gone to Pakistan.

Two clerics Asif Nizami and Nazim Nizami had initially visited Karachi to meet their relatives after which they headed to Lahore to visit shrines.

As per reports, one is missing from Karachi and the other one from Lahore.

The clerics went to visit their relatives in Karachi and then embarked on a pilgrimage to Lahore.

Officials said that India had strongly raised the matter of disappearance of the two senior clerics for the past two days.

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