16/03/2017 5:22 PM IST | Updated 16/03/2017 6:28 PM IST

How Women Came To Own All The Houses In This Extraordinary Maharashtra Village

"Women shouldn't feel the need to be dependent on anyone, since they run the home."

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There are several things that make Anandwad village in the Latur district of Maharashtra extraordinary: it has been crime-free for the past 15 years, it has banned smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking, and its entire adult population has pledged their organs.

In addition to all these achievements, the small village of 635 people is pioneering real change for women, TheTimes of Indiareported today. Not only are all its 165 houses named after women, but a process has long been underway to transfer ownership of its fields and houses to women residents.

In fact, the village has transferred all its houses in the names of its women residents. The names of women and their mobile phones are displayed in nameplates in front of their houses. Some have also gone ahead and transferred ownership of their fields to the women.

The newspaper further reported that the idea to make women property owners did not come from any external source, but it was the villagers who made the suggestion. The decision was then taken at a Gram Sabha meeting. Nyanoba Chame, a Gram Sabha member, told TOI, "Women shouldn't feel the need to be dependent on anyone, since they run the home. Why shouldn't they also own it? This will also help to get rid of the patriarchal mindset of people."

TOI also reported that all the Anandwad residents contribute to organize weddings for girls from the village.

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