16/03/2017 3:42 PM IST | Updated 16/03/2017 4:29 PM IST

'We Elevated You From Trash': Azam Khan Is Seen On Camera Insulting And Threatening Govt Official

"Did PM Modi instruct you on how to bring us?"

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Azam Khan addressing party workers.

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has done it again. Put his foot in his mouth, in a pretty terrible manner.

A video featuring the SP leader surfaced on the internet where he can be seen lashing out against the sub-divisional magistrate of Rampur Sadar.

The Rampur MLA, who managed to win his constituency for the ninth time this year despite a complete washout of the SP from the state was reportedly angry about the bad condition of the roads in Mandi village in the state.

He had gone to collect his election victory certificate.

"Aap toh koorhe mein parhe huye the. Kya isiliye laaye the hum aapko transfer karaake? Kya raasta hai yeh? Iss raaste se laaye hain aap hamein? (You were lying in garbage. Is this why we transferred and brought you here? What kind of road is this? Is this the kind of road we will travel on?)," the infuriated leader is heard saying when he reportedly had to walk through a muddy road.

The politician threatened the sub-divisional magistrate multiple times.

Watch the video here:

Khan then goes on to say that he will take action against the officer. Meanwhile, the officer is seen hanging his head as the 68-year-old politician keeps rebuking him.

"Did PM Modi instruct you on how to bring us?" he then goes on to ask the officer.

The SP leader is no stranger to controversy. About three years ago, he lost his buffaloes and ended up giving sleepless nights to the state police. Three policemen were in fact suspended for "dereliction of duty" because they failed to trace the lost bovines.

Recently, the politician was criticised for comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Ravana during campaigning for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

Last year, he was pulled up by the Supreme Court for his comments dubbing the gang-rape of a woman and her teenage daughter in Bulandshahr an "opposition conspiracy".

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