15/03/2017 12:34 PM IST | Updated 15/03/2017 1:13 PM IST

How A Timely Google Search By The Police Led To The Arrest Of Bihar's Most-Wanted

Nikhil Priyadarshi is wanted in a case of sexual assault of a minor girl.

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

One of Bihar's most-wanted man was caught by the Uttarakhand Police thanks to a timely Google search. Patna businessman Nikhil Priyadarshi was on the police radar in connection with a case of alleged sexual assault of a minor girl whose father is a member of the Congress party and a former minister. Priyadarshi was finally arrested in Uttarakhand after having given the slip to Bihar Police two-and-a-half months ago.

According to the Telegraph, Priyadarshi's father Krishna Bihari Sinha, a retired IAS officer, was arrested with him. Father and son will now be produced in a local court on Wednesday, after being brought to Patna on transit remand.

On Tuesday, Patna Senior Superintendent of Police told the Telegraph that a joint police team conducted a raid in Lakshman Jhula in Uttarakhand and nabbed the absconder and his father. "Our team (Patna police) was camping in Uttarakhand. The team has reached the Lakshman Jhula police station where Nikhil and his father have been detained for interrogation," the SSP said.

He added that information received from four other suspects last Saturday helped them trace Nikhil's location. Uttarakhand Police however stated that they intercepted father and son in a car after seeing the car's Haryana registration plate during a routine checking drive on Monday.

The younger man in the car identified himself to the police as Nikhil Priyadarshi. "When our men searched the name Nikhil Priyadarshi on Google they were taken aback. They found that he was wanted in a molestation case in Patna. I contacted [Patna SSP] Manu Maharaaj, who is also my batch mate, and sought information on Nikhil. Maharaaj's service was roped in to ascertain his identity," Mukhtar Mohsin, Superintendent of Police, Paudi Garhwal, said.

He also said as that no criminal case was pending against the two in Uttarakhand, the detainees will be handed over to the Patna police.

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