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The Morning Wrap: BJP's Sweet Taste Of Victory; Muslims Will Get Representation In UP Govt

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After the spectacular victory at the hustings in Uttar Pradesh, followed by celebrations over the weekend, the big question facing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the choice of a suitable chief ministerial candidate for the state. Four names are doing the rounds so far. Read more about them.

In his victory speech after the all-round good show in the state elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the middle class and the poor for lending their support to his party by voting in overwhelming numbers. He announced that BJP's "Golden Era" of rule has just begun.

The BJP's performance in the recently concluded assembly elections was stupendous, especially in Uttar Pradesh, belying the predictions or the expectations of some of the pundits. Here are some of the reaction of the Indian media gathered from the day after the results were announced, in case you missed these.


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Main News

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar was appointed Goa chief minister on Sunday after the BJP concluded hectic negotiations with regional parties and independents to get the numbers to form a government in the state. The governor, Mridula Sinha, has asked him to prove majority in the assembly within 15 days of assuming office.

Union Minister and BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu has assured that Muslims will get representation in the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, even though the party did not field any candidate from the community in the state assembly elections. "If (a Muslim) MLA is not there, an MLC (member of legislative council) will be there," he said.

After the spectacular win in the UP elections, PM Modi set an agenda extending till 2022, the year India turns 75. "We all should take a pledge, of something good that we want to contribute to the country and promise to fulfil that pledge by 2022," he said.

Off The Front Page

The BJP's victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand assembly elections may become a plank for a focused implementation of the Ganga cleaning mission. The party's newfound eminence in these states will give the Centre a firm grip on the ongoing projects taking place along the river.

After the election results comes the post mortem. Why did the exit polls not anticipate scale of the BJP's win in Uttar Pradesh? One of the reasons behind the failure to read the signs was in the presumption that the party's performance in the 2014 general elections was a mere "blip" and not the sign of a trend.

The BJP's rivals, who pitifully lost face in the 2017 assembly elections, blamed "reverse polarisation" as the cause behind their performance. A steep rise in the majority community's turnout in the assembly segments with sizeable minority populations had skewered the votes for them, the party's opponents claimed.


Looking at the victor and the vanquished in the 2017 assembly elections in his column in The Indian Express, Pratap Bhanu Mehta says the BJP's outstanding victory in the assembly elections may induce smugness in the party bordering on hubris, just as it could make its rivals even more timid.

An editorial in Mint points out the implications of the Modi Wave and the surge of the BJP on India's politics and economics. A third/federal front with or without the backing of the Congress cannot be ruled out as Narendra Modi's main challenger in 2019.

The Congress Party's victory in Punjab in the 2017 assembly elections has come at a time when the party needed it most. Not only has it put it back to power in the state after 10 years, but also ended its "losing spree" in state elections since 2014, an editorial in the Hindustan Times says.

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