11/03/2017 11:19 AM IST | Updated 11/03/2017 12:07 PM IST

BJP's Success In UP Shows That Voters Have Risen Above Caste, Says Jitendra Singh

For the first time, they voted for development. 

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

NEW DELHI -- Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office Jitendra Singh on Saturday said the BJP's cruising to victory in Uttar Pradesh was an indication that voters in the state have risen above caste for the first time.

"The most important consequence of this is for the first time we are seeing voters rising above caste and creed considerations and voting for development. This also reflects that voters have moved away from the feudalistic mindset which has influenced voters for generations," said Singh.

Taking a jibe at the Congress, Singh said the party needed to come out of its dynasty politics to stay relevant.

"The country's youth, our voters are coming of age. They are growing wiser than many of the politicians.

"Sooner or later the Congress itself will realise that in order to play a substantial role in politics, to stay relevant, it will have to come out of dynasty politics.

"The results today are a clear and loud message that crisis of leadership is a natural consequence of dynasty politics which has now lived its life. The Congress has stuck to dynasty succession irrespective of the merit and aptitude of the succeeding generation," added Singh.

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