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LIVE: Key Insights And Observations From Assembly Elections 2017 Results

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Adnan Abidi / Reuters
A woman gets her finger inked before casting her vote at a polling station during the state assembly election in Hapur, in the central state of Uttar Pradesh, India, February 11, 2017. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

3:10 pm: This is by far the Congress's worst ever performance in UP.

12:15 pm: Okram Ibobi's resounding win in Manipur's Thoubal is in stark contrast with Irom Sharmila's dismal run in her maiden election campaign.

12:08 pm: By current trends, the Congress could potentially win three of the five states that went to the polls--Manipur, Goa and Punjab. It has been wiped out in Uttarakhand against its expectations and the BJP has swept it aside in UP.

11:55 am: In UP, non-Jatav Dalit and non-Yadav OBC and upper-caste consolidation has led to a near-repeat of 2014 Lok Sabha polls results.

11:35 am: Okram Ibobi Singh has swept Thoubal in Manipur, showing that irrespective of his Congress' performance in the state, he has retained loyalty in a constituency that has consistently voted for him. Meanwhile, Irom Sharmila's dismal performance in the constituency indicates that the internationally-renowned human rights activist does not, yet, have the makings of a political leader.

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11:19 am: Kasganj, a constituency in UP that has always voted for the party that eventually wins the state, seems to be bucking the trend this time, with the Samajwadi Party candidate in the lead.

10:55 am: BJP top leaders tell HuffPost India that they had expected and prepared for 195-210 seats in UP. The rest is all bonus, so to say. Caste politics or caste calculations haven't worked like 2014.

10:52 am: The BJP sweep in Uttar Pradesh is greater than what the BJP itself expected. BJP leaders themselves expected just above a clear majority.

10:24 am: Trends suggest a complete consolidation of non-Yadav OBC and upper-caste votes in UP. That's half the population. This is what happened in 2014 and clearly, the opposition has been unable to dent it.

10:22 am: Does the performance of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh call into question the credibility of Rahul Gandhi as a mass leader?

10:20 am: Trends suggest the BSP could fall below even its 2012 low of 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh.

Trends suggest the Samajwadi Party has had no benefit from the Congress alliance in UP. Congress appears to have a better strike rate than SP, suggesting SP votes transferred to Congress but not vice versa.

10:19 am: With over 40% voteshare so far in UP, the BJP has essentially maintained its 2014 position.

10:16 am: The AAP is currently leading in half the number of seats that exit polls had projected in Punjab.

10:12 am: BJP headed for a landslide in UP. Early trends data says BJP is over 40% voteshare in the state, nearly the same as Lok Sabha 2014. That is better than what anyone imagined. Trends suggest the BSP could fall below even its 2012 low of 80 seats.

10:06 am: With leads in over 250 seats, the BJP is on track to win the biggest majority in the state in over 20 years:

9:36 am: The BJP is set to reverse the trend of the last three elections in UP, where its popularity had seen a decline:

9:26 am: So far, the Akalis are on track to lose Punjab but are actually doing better than the exit polls had predicted with leads in 11 seats.

9:22 am: The most seats the BJP has ever won in UP was 221 in the 1991 election. Now that they seem on track to win, it's going to be interesting to see if they beat their own record.

9:13 am: Demonetisation doesn't seem to have affected the BJP in Uttar Pradesh at all. On the contrary, it seems to have favoured the party.

Follow our live analysis of the election results as we track the 2017 assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand.

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