10/03/2017 1:24 PM IST | Updated 10/03/2017 2:31 PM IST

Coca Cola May Soon Launch Packaged Coconut Water In An Attempt To Be A Healthy Brand

Thanda matalab... nariyal paani!

Reuters Photographer / Reuters
A worker carries a crate of Coca Cola at the local dealer in Jammu.

An experiment that had gone viral a couple of years ago showed how boiling Coca Cola leaves a thick, black substance — a mass of sugar. Then there were also those posts about how the soft drink is so unhealthy that it can clean toilets.

Now, with more and more people choosing the healthy way, it seems Coca Cola is losing big time. So they have come up with a plan for Indians. To go the healthy way.

According to a report in Economic Times, Coke is planning to launch a packaged drinking water. The report says that Coke is test marketing Zico in India, a US coconut water brand it acquired in late 2013.

"Though brands such as these are niche, Coca-Cola has to prepare the decks and hedge bets, as the backlash on cola consumption and health activism is gaining ground in the country," a trade official told ET.

Meanwhile, following the footsteps of Tamil Nadu, Kerala traders have decided to stop sale of drinks produced by the multinational companies to register their protest against exploitation of ground water by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo companies as the State is reeling under the threat of a severe drought.

Worldwide, packaged coconut water is fastest growing beverage category. Probably, this will help Coca Cola gain back the faith of Indian consumers.

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