09/03/2017 3:33 PM IST | Updated 09/03/2017 5:06 PM IST

This Is What Boys In A Mumbai College Did In A Bid To Break Gender Stereotypes

"Ladki jaisa kyun kar raha hai?"

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On International Women's Day, Madhusudan Bandar, Jay Vyas and Yash Jain, three students of Nirmala Niketan College in Mumbai, dressed in clothes traditionally worn by women in a bid to break gender stereotypes, Mid Day reported today.

Vyas said that he wanted to question the mindset, "Ladki jaisa kyun kar raha hai?" The college student told the Mumbai-based publication, "It's not just about girls wearing boys' clothes or vice versa. It's also about people being okay with girls wearing boys' clothes, but looking down at men who wear girls' clothes."

The students said that their effort triggered amused reactions but they intend to take their experiment outside the campus as well. "When we went out for lunch, there were some office going men who had a big laugh," Jain told Mid Day.

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