10/03/2017 10:10 AM IST | Updated 10/03/2017 12:11 PM IST

Someone Copied This Guy's Joke On Facebook And Paid Him ₹51 For It

Kyunki harr ek joke zaroori hota hai.

Himanshu Khodke / Facebook

It is 2017 and many folks on Twitter are possessive about the content they create. Which stands to reason — it is theirs, after all.

But their jokes are often lifted by giant Facebook pages (you know who) who get sh*t loads of likes and shares, and they use the opportunity to convert those likes into money by pushing branded content and some even start selling their own merchandise!

While some FB pages are considerate enough to credit jokes to the original poster, regular accounts casually 'Control C + Control V' jokes without the fear of being called out.

So when Twitter user @HimanshuKhodke posted a joke about YouTube, it resonated with many and went viral.

Himanshu Khodke / Twitter

"So some guys copied my joke on Facebook and I started fighting for not giving me the credits and after getting really frustrated he offered me 51 rs ," Khodke told HuffPost India.

And naturally, it got copied. Khodke soon called out the people who had lifted his joke and posted it as theirs.

Himanshu Khodke / Facebook

The last guy, let's call him Mr. A, in the above frame wasn't happy with being shamed. (Note: Mr. A later added the credits.)

Khodke, who was clearly miffed, was offered a payment of 51 bucks by Mr. A to shut him up.

Himanshu Khodke / Facebook

And Mr. A actually transferred the money to Himanshu's phone number with a comment, "Rona Band kar bhai please." (Please stop whining.)

Himanshu Khodke / Facebook

And for Khodke, it was just a banter.

Himanshu Khodke / Facebook

Khodke himself took to his Twitter account to share the "unimaginable".

While others joined the party.

And others just want to get paid for their jokes now.

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