09/03/2017 11:54 AM IST | Updated 09/03/2017 12:41 PM IST

Modi Hopes For GST Breakthrough, Oppn Questions His Silence On Killings Of Indians

Things are already heating up in the second leg of the Budget session.


Even as the second leg of the Budget session began on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said outside that he hoped for a break through on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill in this session.

Speaking to reporters, Modi said, "We are hoping that there will be a breath through in the GST Bill. There is a possibility because all the states and political parties have given support. We have been been debating in a democratic manner and have reached some results as we go forward."

He also said, "The Budget will be discussed in minute details. We will also debate on things that can improve the status of the poor in our country."

The government has to ensure that the GST Bill is passed to ensure it meets the deadline of July 1.

It will be on the top of the agenda for the government. Given differences of opinion of the Opposition and the Government over the Bill, some heated discussions are likely in this Parliament session.

Meanwhile,The Indian Express reports that slogans are already being raised by the Opposition.

In the backdrop of Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla's death, Mallikarjun Kharge raised the issue of hate crimes in the United States in the recent times.

"In a democracy which was established 400 years ago if our youth is being killed there -- where there are 1.7 lakh Indian students. We are spending money to create professionals who are working in the US. Despite that they are being shot dead in broad day light. Why is the Modi government not talking about it?" Kharge asked.

"He tweets about everything, but what is the reason for the silence of the Modi government. The PM is silent. The Home Minister only makes statements when asked by the PM. This is a fall for democracy because only one person talks. Prime Minister needs to answer questions on this issue," Kharge took a dig at Modi.

CPI-M leader Mohammed Salim said, "When we are doing defence deals with the US, why can't we speak about the issue with them? Why can't we put injunctions on deals with the US so that they realise the importance of the issue."

Home Minister Rajnath Singh replying on behalf of the government said, "The Indian government has taken the killings very seriously. We want to make clear, all steps will be taken so that all our citizens in the US feel safe."

"But since our External Affairs is unwell, we have decided to give a reply from the government next week," he said.