09/03/2017 9:11 PM IST | Updated 10/03/2017 2:26 PM IST

Most Exit Polls Disagree With Each Other On The Outcome Of The 2017 Assembly Elections

The one thing everyone agrees on is that the ruling party in Punjab is out

Adnan Abidi / Reuters

All major pollsters appeared convinced that the BJP would emerge as the single largest party in Uttar Pradesh, but two gave the party a sweep that would propel it to power. In other states, pollsters were less in agreement, a compilation of exit polls shows.

HuffPost-CVoter, MRC-NewsX and Lokniti-ABP all gave the BJP fewer than 200 seats, while Times Now-VMR gave the party between 190-210 seats; a party needs 202 seats to form government in UP. However Today's Chanakya and India Today - Axis My India gave the party a massive majority.

This visualisation was created for HuffPost India by data analysts and visualisers Bhanu Kamapantula and Soumya Ranjan

In Punjab, pollsters are in agreement that the ruling Akali Dal-BJP combine is out, with no pollster giving them more than nine seats, down from their current 68 seats. However, pollsters are divided about whether the Congress or the AAP will form government; while HuffPost-CVoter gives the AAP the edge in terms of seats, there is little to choose between the two in terms of voteshare. Today's Chanakya and MRC-NewsX have the two parties in a dead heat, with Today's Chanakya giving the two parties the same voteshare as well. Only India Today-Axis My India gives the election to the Congress, but the difference in voteshare is once more within the margin of error.

Most pollsters give Uttarakhand comfortably to the BJP, except HuffPost-CVoter which has them tied. Pollsters are also prepared to give Goa to the BJP, but neither of the three place the BJP comfortably over the halfway mark.

In Manipur, the HuffPost-CVoter poll gives a rising BJP the edge, while the India Today-Axis My India poll gives the state comfortably back to the Congress and to Okram Ibobi Singh for his fourth straight term.