08/03/2017 5:31 PM IST | Updated 08/03/2017 7:35 PM IST

Donald Trump Tweeted About International Women's Day. It Backfired.

POOL New / Reuters
U.S. President Donald Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives iin Washington, U.S., February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool

President Donald Trump tweeted a message of support for International Women’s Day on Wednesday. It didn’t go down well.

With his woeful track record of sexist and misogynistic behavior, Trump’s claim to have “tremendous respect” for women rang hollow for many Twitter users.

See Trump’s tweets here:

Hundreds seized on his call to honor “the critical role of women here in America and around the world” by referencing his offensive hot mic comments on the infamous 2005 bus ride with former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

They also recalled that image of Trump signing an anti-abortion executive order, surrounded entirely by white men.

Here’s a sampling of the responses so far:

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