07/03/2017 8:33 PM IST | Updated 08/03/2017 7:51 AM IST

No Plans, No Maps. Just One Girl's Incredible Road Trip Across Europe.

If you must live, live like this

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Who says that a girl can't explore the world by herself? Indian netizens were recently intrigued to see the adventures of Cemora, a mystery girl setting out on a solo road trip around Europe, popping up on various social media sites.

Instagram - Cemora
Location: The UK

Cemora, a bold traveller with a devil-may-care attitude, never had a dull moment as she zoomed from one country to the other, meeting people of all kinds.

Instagram - Cemora
Location: Germany

Europe as a continent is steeped in arts and culture, and Cemora immersed herself completely in the experience.

Instagram - Cemora
Location: Romania

Even as she drew oohs and aahs from followers, she kept uploading postcards and videos of her travels.

Instagram - Cemora
Location: Poland

Check out her irreverent postcard from Italy!

Instagram - Cemora
Location: Italy

It's not surprising that Cemora's famous friends came forward to congratulate her on her free-spirited globe-trotting adventure.

Twitter- Bani J
Twitter- Suresh Raina

By now, her adventures were driving followers into a tizzy. Her followers on social media were demanding to know who she was.


But Cemora was in no hurry to reveal her identity! All that was forthcoming was this clue.

Twitter - Cemora

Thankfully, the mystery didn't end there. On March 7, Cemora's true identity was revealed.

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Shock, and then delight, ensued when social media users learned that Cemora is actually RACEMO, a talking two-seater, fully connected, sports sedan, constructed from a cutting-edge composite material. RACEMO was revealed at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show by TAMO, a sub-brand of Tata Motors. TAMO calls the new car the future of mobility in India. It is set to hit Indian roads later this year. Read more about RACEMO here.