11 Comics For People Who'd Like To Take A Raincheck On Adulting

Struggling with the whole “mature adult” thing? Illustrator Prudence Geerts feels your pain.

On the Instagram account Planet Prudence, the 25-year-old computer science student shows her comic alter ego fumbling to get through everyday life. Most days, little Prudence brings her A-game but on other days, just remembering to put on deodorant is a challenge.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Geerts said she strives to give readers the “most awkward, most human parts” of herself.

“You can say my account is like reading my diary. It’s based on how I feel, what I do and situations I’m in,” she said. “In a way, she’s become kind of like my heroine because of how awkward, yet loveable she is!”

Scroll down to see more of the highly relatable comics and head to Planet Prudence for even more.

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