The Leftover Food From The Oscars Did Not Go To Waste, Thanks To Freida Pinto


Every year, there's a party after the Academy Awards. And every year, there's a large quantity of food left over. This year, Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto made sure that it didn't go waste. Instead, she along with San Francisco-based non-profit organisation Copia redistributed the food to hungry Los Angeles residents.

The actress posted photos on Instagram and wrote how 800 people had been fed with the leftover food.

Take a look at what was cooking at the Oscars:

Here's a taste of what's cooking behind the scenes.

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The menu at the Governor's Ball included chicken pot pie, potatoes with caviar, Oscar-shaped matzo crackers and gold-dusted popcorn among other things.

After the party, the NGO transported and distributed the leftovers:

"Wastage isn't glamorous, feeding people is," Pinto wrote. And we have to agree to that.

Take a bow, Pinto.

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