This Picture Of A Man Working On A Footpath Is The Newest Meme On The Internet

"When bae is online."

The Internet is a place of opportunities. So when the Twitter user @abcdefu spotted a man working on his laptop in the middle of a footpath, he quickly shared the photo with a caption -- "employee of the year". The unusual photo naturally got picked up by the social media and no time was wasted in turning the photo into a meme.

(PS: @abcdefu later confirmed the man was actually playing a game. LOL.)

Here's the exhibit:


employee of the year

— izzy (@abcdefu) March 1, 2017


She: come online

He: I'm driving

She: but I'm sending nudes


— Sense of tumor (@dashhtweets) March 2, 2017


When you get free wifi signal

— Bakwas Rider (@BakwasRadio) March 1, 2017


When someone is wrong on the internet

— k (@krazyfrog) March 2, 2017


When you get an awesome tweet in your mind for the trending topic & you wanna tweet it before it's too late.

— डि.के. (@itsdhruvism) March 1, 2017


Tracking Salman's location before sleeping

— InGenious (@Bees_Kut) March 1, 2017


"URGENT: Need help to cross the street. Please RT"

— GRV (@MildlyClassic) March 1, 2017



when bae is online

— izzy (@abcdefu) March 1, 2017





Social Media Celebs in real life.

— Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) March 2, 2017



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