02/03/2017 4:38 PM IST | Updated 02/03/2017 5:04 PM IST

Are You An Anti-National? You Might Not Get An Auto Ride In Delhi Soon

Brb, getting my nationalist card validated.

THEPALMER via Getty Images
Back lit street scene in Jodhpur, India

Get a load of this. Rajendra Soni, the general secretary of the Delhi Autorickshaw Sangh, has told some media outlets that "anti-national" passengers will not be allowed to ride in the vehicles that his taxi union operates. He also demanded that those who allegedly raised anti-India slogans at the city's Ramjas college be arrested within a week.

"I have been in this city for the last 35 years and I have never seen such an environment in which people are giving anti-India statements. Such elements first polluted the atmosphere of JNU and are now trying to repeat it in other universities," Soni was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

He also has plans to put up posters behind their autos that will read 'deshdrohiyon ko giraftar karo, unko desh se baahar karo' (arrest the traitors, banish them from the country).

However, Singh has not specified how he or his union decided to go about identifying the 'anti-nationals,' especially during the rush hour when the passengers are in too much of a hurry to show their patriot cards to the auto drivers.

Speaking to Indiatimes, Soni said the union, which has over 90,000 members, will hold a protest march to the Delhi Police Commissioner's office demanding action against "anti-nationals".

Soni also has a word of advice for students.

"We want the students' parents to know what their children are doing in the college where they are supposed to study," he told Indiatimes.