28/02/2017 6:02 PM IST | Updated 28/02/2017 10:53 PM IST

Donald Trump's Call For Millions To Rally Across US Fails Spectacularly

Rick Wilking / Reuters
Donald Trump supports at a rally in Denver on Monday

Rallies across the US were held on Monday after President Donald Trump called on the “millions of people who voted to make America great again” to hold demonstrations, which he predicted “would be the biggest of them all.” 

But pictures of the turnouts were reminiscent of Trump’s inauguration embarrassment.

The mogul’s event attracted far smaller crowds than his predecessor, Barack Obama’s did, then his team vastly exaggerated crowd numbers saying it was the “largest ever”. 

The response to Trump’s call to action on Saturday was somewhat predictable, with his links to Russia’s hacking scandal quickly surfacing.

But if pictures of the events circulating on social media are anything to go by, the only real concern Trump had was getting anyone to attend at all. 

In Atlanta, about 250 people gathered to sing and chant in support of the president, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution. 

In Brea, California, Reuters estimated about 60 people turned up and chanted, “Build the wall!” and “God bless America! God bless Donald Trump!” 

The Denver Post estimated 250 people attended a rally on the steps of the Colorado Capitol.

Trump’s detractors seized upon the images, ridiculing the president using his own ‘fake news’ and ‘media cover-up’ claims. 

A second set of pro-Trump rallies is scheduled for Saturday.