01/03/2017 9:57 AM IST | Updated 01/03/2017 12:45 PM IST

ABVP Cries 'Media Trial', Warns Against 'Wrong Portrayal'

This comes after an ABVP leader had threatened to 'cut-off' fingers raised against the country.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

After a week of the violence that broke out near Delhi's Maurice Nagar police station where students, professors and journalists were beaten up allegedly the Rashtiya Swayamsevak Sangh-affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) members, the group has spoken out and said that they were being put on a media trial.

"We condemn violence. But it is to be seen who started the commotion and who eulogised terrorists. There was violence from both sides. About 30 ABVP activists were injured, including eight seriously. But the aggressors are now portrayed as victims," ABVP media convenor Saket Bahuguna was quoted by The Telegraph as saying.

Bahuguna also said that action would be taken against the media for their "wrong portrayal".

Students from Delhi University, JNU and other colleges have alleged that they were beaten up by ABVP members during the protest against an event, where Umar Khalid was invited as a speaker, being cancelled because the ABVP was against it.

Bahuguna's comments come despite a damning report where an ABVP member has admitted to having beaten students and teachers too.

Two alleged ABVP activists were also arrested this week on charges of sexual harassment and criminal intimidation.

While the ABVP has alleged media trial and said leftist groups were targeting them, ABVP activists called for blood and threatened to chop off fingers.

The Telegraph, in another report, quoted ABVP leader and DUSU general secretary Ankit Sangwan, as saying, "if anyone raises a finger on this country, that finger will be cut".

Another leader, Manoj Khanna, of the Rashtrawadi Shikshak Sangh was quoted as saying that they must "the Red insects" and any insult against the "motherland" would mean he would not be able to his actions.

These comments were made during the Tiranga March in Delhi against 'anti-national' sentiments of students.

A Kirorimal College teacher and member of Rashtravadi Shikshak Sangh, Pramod Shastri, told IANS, "We won't let their ideologies bloom here in the campus. Leftism has vanished from India and from across the world. They have been exposed in JNU. Now, they wish to bring their ideologies to Delhi University. We will condemn all their attempts."

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