27/02/2017 6:20 PM IST | Updated 27/02/2017 6:41 PM IST

Nawazuddin Pointed Out This Glaring Oversight In Bollywood Award Shows By Comparing It To The Oscars

A sharp observation.

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If you've been online for the past few hours, you may have followed the somewhat bizarre Oscar ceremony, one that saw of one of the goofiest goof-ups in the award show's history.

While Moonlight may have shone brighter than the city of stars and that may have left you either satisfied or disappointed, there was one India-specific thing about the Oscars that they got absolutely right.

In the 'In Memorium' segment, where the Oscars remember artists who have passed away in the previous year, the Academy Award paid tribute to Indian actor Om Puri, who appeared in a number of Hollywood films like Gandhi, East is East, andCity of Joy.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui pointed out that while Oscars took a minute to remember the late actor, none of the Indian award ceremonies, most of which took place after Puri's death on January 6, had anything about the actor.

Siddiqui tweeted:

His tweet instantly resonated with other film lovers who called out Indian award ceremonies for their phoniness:

Among the other actors remembered by the Oscars in the In Memorium reel included Carrie Fisher, Prince, Gene Wilder, Michael Cimino, Patty Duke, Garry Marshall, Anton Yelchin, Mary Tyler Moore, Curtis Hanson and John Hurt.

However, even this segment wasn't without its faux pas. The montage mistakenly used the image of Australian film producer Jan Chapman while paying tribute to costume designer and Chapman's frequent collaborator Janet Paterson.

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