27/02/2017 12:54 PM IST | Updated 27/02/2017 3:33 PM IST

Madhya Pradesh Cop Shamed By Shobhaa De On Twitter Gets Help From Mumbai Doctor

Happy ending.

Last week, when columnist and former best-selling author Shobhaa De fat-shamed a policeman on Twitter, all of social media was critical of her.

Tweeting an image of inspector Daulatram Jogawat of Madhya Pradesh police, De had commented on Mumbai's 'heavy' police protection.

Jogawat later told Hindustan Times that he was struggling with obesity because of an insulin imbalance that he had developed after a gallbladder surgery in 1993.

Now, the noted Mumbai doctor Muffazal Lakdawala, who is currently helping world's heaviest woman with her health issues, has offered to help Jogawat.

Madhya Pradesh Police Superintendent Manoj Kumar Singh told Mumbai Mirror:

"A team representing Dr Lakdawala had approached us saying they would like to help Inspector Jogawat lose weight. We readily agreed.While the doctors will undoubtedly do their best, the Madhya Pradesh Police will extend all possible help to the inspector through our police medical scheme."

Jogawat, who has gathered close to two hundred rewards and picked up four promotions during his years of serving as a policeman, had expressed his hurt on being at the receiving end of De's tweet. Responding to the tweet, he had said:

"Nobody loves to be overweight. If madam knows about some weight-loss treatment, then help me lose weight. It is not good to mock someone without having any detail about the person... If madam wants, she can pay for my treatment. Who doesn't want to be thin?"

Currently, Dr Lakdawala is helping a 36-year-old Egyptian woman with a health condition, lose weight. When she landed in Mumbai a few weeks ago, the woman weighed around 500 kilos. Since her treatment began, she has already lost over 30 kilos.

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