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The Morning Wrap: Nokia's Legendary 3310 Phone Relaunched; Mahershala Ali First Muslim Actor To Win An Oscar

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Delhi University professor Prasanta Chakravarty, who was hurt during the violence unleashed at Ramjas College on 22 February by suspected members of ABVP, is reportedly suffering from 'contusion and concealed spasms on the right kidney and on spinal extensor muscles'. Chakravarty, who was punched in the stomach and almost strangled with his own muffler during the clashes, suspects that the internal injuries may be a result of being kicked in the gut with heavy boots.

Kangana Ranaut's feisty performance in Rangoon gives Bollywood the ideal that women can be 'heroes' too. In Hindi films, women have been treated as pretty things for so long that finding them being treated as persons, and actual persons who can shoulder a film, is indeed a rare, happy feeling.

Mahershala Ali, who bagged the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award during the 89th Academy Awards for his role in Moonlight, has become the first Muslim to do so. This is a particularly notable achievement in 2017, when the White House has placed travel restrictions on individuals from several Muslim-majority nations. This win also makes Ali the fifth black actor to achieve a Supporting Actor Oscar.

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A seven-year-old girl who is a daughter of a visually-impaired couple has complained of repeated sexual assaults by older girls in her school in Delhi. Reportedly, the older girls, studying in Class IX and Class VII had been harassing the seven-year-old on their government school's terrace. Police are not ruling out the possibility of other girls in the school being victimised too.

Fifth phase of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections begins from today. 51 Assembly constituencies spread across 11 districts, five of which border Nepal, will go to polls in this phase. Prominent contestants in this phase include controversial minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati (SP), who will be facing Amita Singh (Congress) and Garima Singh (BJP) in Amethi, the Lok Sabha constituency of Rahul Gandhi.

Lady Sri Ram student Gurmehar Kaur has initiated a social media campaign against ABVP in wake of the violence that took place in Ramjas College, Dehli University. She answered all the queries on her Facebook page and insisted that standing up to students' rights and respecting professors was not "anti-national". Showcasing solidarity with Kaur, hundreds of students across India have changed their profile picture similar to hers, with a placard saying "#StudentsAgainstABVP".

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Chennai police impounded over 10 luxury vehicles and sports cars for rash driving. The drivers were reportedly speeding on the empty roads on Sunday morning, and when the police finally caught up with them and asked them to showcase vehicle papers, they refused to do so.

Nokia has finally relaunched the legendary 3310 phone. The phone which was originally released in 2000 has made its comeback in a new colourful form. The phone has a colour screen instead of the monochromatic display of old. Additionally, the size of the display is bigger as well. The body is made out of plastic but there are many options to choose from. And most importantly it has the Snake game!


Followers as well as critics of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar — the man who coined the term 'Hindutva' — are responsible for reducing him to caricature, says an editorial in Mint. Shunning him and merely focussing on his controversial position on Hindutva is no longer an option, says the article.

The ABVP aggression at Ramjas College can only be explained as a lesson intended for all universities, writes Satish Deshpande in The Indian Express. "The stormtroopers of the ABVP have sent shock waves through the academic world, intimidating even liberal administrators and faculty into self-censoring themselves and their students," he writes.

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