25/02/2017 2:53 PM IST | Updated 25/02/2017 3:11 PM IST

WATCH: 'I Need An Answer From The US Govt,' Says Wife Of Indian Man Killed In Kansas


KCTV5 Screengrab

In a heartbreaking address to the press, Sunayana Dumala, wife of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, the Indian techie shot dead by an American in a bar in Kansas city, has demanded to know what the US government plans to do to curb hate crimes in the country?

Kuchibhotla was killed by Adam Purinton, a former US Navy employee, in an alleged crime of racial hatred. His colleague, Alok Madasani, was also injured and currently recovering in the hospital. A 24-year-old American Ian Grillot was also wounded, trying to save the men from the attacker.

Five hours after the incident, Purinton was arrested and charged with one count of premeditated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted premeditated first-degree murder.

In the face of a devastating personal tragedy, Dumala showed exemplary grace by asking this question to the authorities. "Not just for my husband who lost his battle but for everyone, all those people of any race, either Asian, African or American who have lost their loved ones to something as bad as this," she said.

For the five-odd minutes she spoke, Dumala appeared controlled, in spite of clearly being shattered by the grief of losing her husband, who was to turn 33 on 9 March.

Even though she was worried about living on in the US, he wanted to wait and watch, asking her to keep her faith in the belief that good things happen to good people.

"What answer am I going to give to his mother?" Dumala asked, as Indian and US officials prepare to fly her husband's body back to India for the last rites.

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