'My Hopes Were Shattered As Several Of My Best Scenes From 'Rangoon' Were Edited,' Says Kangana Ranaut

However, she's happy with the final response.

While Rangoon has opened to a polarizing response from the critics and has received an abysmal box-office opening, Kangana Ranaut has another story to tell altogether.

According to the actress, some of her best scenes from Rangoon were sacrificed on the editing table.

And she's pretty upset about it.

In a post-release interview with the media, Ranaut said, "I didn't think I'll be appreciated this much. Many of my favorite scenes, which were important for my graph, were chopped off. I prepare my character's graph in a linear pattern and when I saw the film, Vishal sir explained why he cut those scenes."

She further added that she's still 'happy' as her performance has been appreciated.

"It was a very legitimate thing to do. But when I thought that several top-notch scenes of my graph have been cut, all my hopes were shattered. I thought now my work will be so-so, it won't be appreciated that much. But despite that people are loving it. I am very happy."

Kangana will next be seen in Hansal Mehta's Simran.

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