22/02/2017 7:11 PM IST | Updated 22/02/2017 8:36 PM IST

Warship INS Betwa That Tipped Over In Mumbai Yard Floats Again

Indian Navy has spent nearly ₹20 crore to salvage the ship.

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File photo of India Navy's battleship INS Betwa.

NEW DELHI -- INS Betwa, the front line guided missile frigate, that tipped over last December in the docks at Mumbai Harbour when undergoing a major a refit is now floating again and on "even keel," the Indian Navy said.

The indigenously made warship was commissioned into the Navy in 2004. The Indian Navy has spent nearly ₹20 crore to re-float the ship. The difficult salvage exercise was carried out US based Resolve Marine Group.

On December 5, the prized warship was being taken out of the docks after repairs when it tipped over. Two sailors died and another 14 were injured as warship crashed on the side after tipping over. The accident happened when the ship was un-docking. The Indian Navy had described it as "unprecedented."

The 3,850-ton ship lay on its side at the naval dockyard. It was docked for underwater repairs. Around 2 pm on December 5, as the ship was being returned to the water the entire ship fell sideways. The main mast of the ship, among other things were seriously damaged when the ship tipped over.

"The ship will now be towed to nearby dock – most likely the Hughes Dock - for repairs and remaining of the refit work," Navy Spokesperson Capitain DK Sharma said.

The Board Inquiry (BoI) into how the warship tipped over is complete. The Navy, however, refused to give out the reasons that led to the accident.

"It is obvious that stability of the ship was affected causing it to tip-over, but we cannot yet give out the details," Captain Sharma said.

Also, it not known whether any action has been initiated.

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