22/02/2017 8:47 AM IST | Updated 22/02/2017 11:47 AM IST

Kerala Man Smashes 124 Coconuts With Bare Hands In Under A Minute, Sets New World Record

A truly smashing feat.

Abeesh P Domanic/ Facebook

Abeesh P. Domanic of Poonjar, Kerala, smashed 124 coconuts with his bare hands in less than a minute, setting a new world record. He performed this feat at an event held at the Sobha City Mall in Thrissur.

Domanic, who works as a mechanic with the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, overtook the previous record set by Muhamed Kahrimanovic of Germany. Kahrimanovic had held the record for smashing 118 coconuts within a minute.

While Domanic smashed 145 coconuts in a minute, the number of fully crushed coconuts was 124.

Abeesh P Domanic/ Facebook

According to the Daily Mail, the 25-year-old motor mechanic is a prolific record setter, having already made it to Universal Record Forum (URF), Limca Book of Records, RecordSetter Book of World Records and the Assist World Record under different categories such as breaking hockey sticks, helmets, and pulling a bus for 50 metres using just his teeth.

According to the Daily Mail, the video capturing Domanic's feat has been sent to the Guinness World Records and will be recognised in six months.

You can watch Domanic's record-setting feat here: