16/02/2017 2:04 PM IST | Updated 16/02/2017 2:35 PM IST

WATCH: Priyanka Chopra Stars Alongside Andrew Garfield And John Oliver In A Film Written By Kids

This is totally bonkers.

Stephen Colbert/YouTube

In the new episode of his CBS show, host Stephen Colbert had a bizarre idea where he invited kids to pitch in ideas to film the 'greatest movie ever.'

He was taking a not-so-subtle dig at Paramount's new release, Monster Trucks, which many have labeled as the 'first flop of 2017.' (an honor that the Trump administration deserves more than anyone as Colbert points out.)

Now if you are thinking these little guys came up with characters of quintessential fairies and superheroes, you need to stop with the stereotyping.

Much to Colbert's amusement, the motley bunch of kids threw in a german spy, a slave woman disguised as a villainous man, and well, a monster robot pig, all in what is essentially a love story.

The film was appropriately titled Teenage Wars.

Colbert then went a step ahead and cut a cheeky trailer for the short.

And who toplines the cast you ask? Well, when Colbert is running the show, expect only A-list talent.

Andrew Garfield, John Oliver (in a performance deserving of the Oscar no less), Idina Menzel, and of course, Priyanka Chopra as the villain.

While PC only makes a fleeting appearance at 10:38, she looks incredibly sexy and packs a solid punch.

Watch the hilarious short right here:

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