17/02/2017 8:33 AM IST | Updated 17/02/2017 8:33 AM IST

Bargain-Hunters Cause Chaos At Varanasi Shop That Was Selling Saris For A Rupee

But conditions were applicable, as usual.

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VARANASI -- Police had to intervene to clear the traffic on roads after crowd thronged outside a cloth shop in Mahmoorganj here that offered 'a sari for a rupee'.

The scheme meant to sell the old stock of the shop's saris, attracted huge crowd of women on Thursday, which led to a blocked traffic in front of the shop in Mehmoorganj area, said sources.

Police had to intervene to clear the crowd which had blocked movement on the busy Mahmoorganj Sigra road in the heart of city.

The news about the offer spread like a wildfire and hundreds of women had gathered at the shop. The shop owner had to withdraw the offer due to the huge crowd and police later pacified women and cleared the traffic movement, sources said.

They added that the scheme was applicable on a condition that one has to first shop for items worth over ₹500 before availing the scheme and that had led to some confusion which resulted in the chaos.

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