15/02/2017 5:57 PM IST | Updated 16/02/2017 11:13 AM IST

There's A New Breed Of Cheaters Out There, And Indians Are Number Two

Keh do ke yeh jhooth hai!

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Is nothing sacrosanct? Indians seem to be intent on destroying every last vestige of decency by violating the most sacred of all promises that binds a couple: thou shalt not watch Netflix without thy partner.

According to findings from a Netflix survey, released by online survey platform Survey Monkey, Indians are the second biggest Netflix cheats in the world, with Hong Kong claiming the top spot.

46 percent Indians have admitted to cheating on their partners on Netflix.

Cheating was defined as skipping ahead to watch additional episodes of a show the couple was meant to watch together and 46 percent infidels have admitted to the heinous crime in India. Worse, 42 percent of these monsters claim to have done the unthinkable even when their partners were in the room; waiting for them to fall asleep before shattering their trust.

Understandably, 60 percent Indian couples felt that streaming ahead while the partner remained in the dark constituted cheating in the relationship, with 39 percent even going so far as to stipulate that watching even 2-3 episodes on the sly would warrant a breakup.

61 percent of the cheating was done with comedy shows.

Like every kind of cheating, this one comes with a host of excuses (unjustified, of course) as well: 43 percent pleaded guilty to doing it due to the fear of not being clued in during conversations with friends and colleagues while 78 percent claimed it wasn't planned, they simply couldn't resist the temptation (yeah, right).

India seems to be the home of many kinds of cheaters—those that will cheat for the sake of momentary laughter (61 percent cheaters do it with comedy shows, far more than the global average of 44 percent), as well as habitual cheats, who have cheated on their partners in every genre (over 33 percent).

Netherlands has the most loyal couples — 73 percent.

And of course, there are the unrepentant cheaters; 25 percent brazenly said that partners who fall asleep mid-show deserve to be cheated on. What a cruel, cruel world we live in.

While Hong Kong has the dubious distinction of cheating the most — 59 percent, Netherlands is the most loyal — 73 percent.

Imagine a world where you woke up one day to find out that everything you believed about your partner was a lie; that all those surprised jumps, starts and gasps while watching the last precious episode of Sherlock after an unendurable three-year-long wait, or Black Mirror or Gilmore Girls or Suits were all an elaborate hoax, a cruel deception; they knew exactly what was going to happen all along. It is unforgivable, this breach of trust.