16/02/2017 9:07 AM IST | Updated 16/02/2017 2:33 PM IST

In Delhi, Man Beheads Wife Because She Cooked Spicy Food. The Neighbours Did Little To Save Her


Ahmad Masood / Reuters
Delhi Police stand at the entrance of a court.

In east Delhi, a man beat his wife before sawing off her head. Meanwhile, the neighbours did very little to help despite her shrieks, wails and the noise of clanking of smashed utensils and a window pane.

The police told Indian Expressthat the accused, Subodh Kumar, did not like spicy food. And that was the reason he killed after she added more spices to the food she served him.

The incident took Delhi's Mandawali area.

According to reports, Kumar killed his wife on Saturday and kept the body at his home for two days. Two days alter, when he asked a friend to help him move the body, the friend informed the police.

Kumar was finally arrested on Tuesday.

On Friday night, when the 40-year-old was beating up his wife, the neighbours heard screams and wails but no one thought of calling the police.

Hindustan Times reports that he tortured his first wife for 12 hours — "thrashing her with a wooden stick and smashing her head against the wall a dozen times before beheading her with a saw."

"They quarrelled often as he was living with two wives. We thought it was one of those days. She screamed and cried as he hit her. After he smashed utensils and a window pane, I went and knocked on the door and asked them to keep it low," Kumar's neighbour told HT.

The neighbour saw his wife on the floor as she kept pleading for help, but Kumar asked him to leave as it was a 'private matter'.

The report said that Kumar had locked his second wife and his daughters in another room.

Instead of calling the police, the neighbour called the landlord and he said he will warn Kumar.

Kumar has been sent to 14-day judicial custody and the police is also probing if Kumar had "unnatural sex with her corpse".

"We never imagined that he would be so brutal. He was a quiet person and seldom spoke," one of Kumar's neighbours told HT.