13/02/2017 2:59 PM IST | Updated 13/02/2017 4:09 PM IST

Here Are Some Apps Which Use Your Smartphone's Mic In The Best Way

Channel your inner voice!

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A Classic microphone

While we use phones as communication devices mostly, the role of voice has been diminished by the arrival of data. Yet, because of the smartphones, there are new avenues to use your mic. Here are some of the interesting apps on voice recording.


Always wanted your podcast? Or want to just gripe about your daily life and let people listen to it? Anchor is a great platform to start with. Started as an iOS app it allows you to record 2-minute clips and publish it to the world.


Anchor works as a hosting platform as well, so you can categorise your recording and slot it in a particular genre. It also allows you to add effects to the sound as well to maintain the 'conversational' nature. The app also allows a user to post responses in voice form.


One of the most famous terms in the walkie-talkie language is now an app and exactly acts like the popular devices. You need to press to talk and press to listen. You can make a group of family and friends and send voice notes for them to hear. The company is also working on plenty of integration such as Slack, Dropbox, Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter to send voice notes to these apps.

Voice ME

This is a voice changer app where you can record any sound clip in various transformative voices and send it to your friends. Effects include Chipmunk, Sound motion, Ghost and more. This is an iPhone-only app. If you are an Android users you can check out an app called Voice changer from Baviux.


This iOS voice recording app is for daily journaling. It gives you a new prompt every day so you can record a short clip. One of the best features of the app is that you can get a transcript of your recording automatically. It identifies the words you are saying and makes a transcript while the recording is going on.



This is one of the simplest tools for converting voice to text. There are options for over 40 languages in the online tool which works on the browser. It also picks up Indian accent pretty well. Speechnotes also has an Android app. The app also runs a paid service where it transcribes audio files.

Just press record

If you live in the Apple world, this is one of the best recording apps to use. The interface is very simple, you just have to press record to start saving the voice file. And the best thing is that if the voice memo is saved on one Apple device it automatically syncs across all your other devices such as Mac and iPad. It also has support for Apple watch.