13/02/2017 10:27 PM IST | Updated 13/02/2017 10:28 PM IST

Google Maps Just Got One Of Its Most Useful Features Yet

Visiting a city for the first time this year? If you want to keep a note of friends’ recommendations, Google Maps can now help you. 

From today (13 Feb), the mobile app will let users share lists of their favourite places with their contacts, bringing a social dimension to the service.

The lists come in three forms: public, private, or shared with a link, like files shared through Google Drive. They can even be available offline, Google said.


To add a restaurant, museum or shop to a list, tap the save button that pops up when you click on a location. You’ll then be able to chose which list to add it to.

The new feature pits the app directly against Foursquare, a search and discovery service that already offers shareable lists.

Google product manager Zach Maier told TechCrunch he hoped the new feature would help people “break out of their routine, and do something new”.