13/02/2017 9:10 AM IST | Updated 13/02/2017 9:57 AM IST

Dead Lizard Found In Lunch Served At Government Hostel, Authorities Call It 'Prank By Students'

A dead crow was once found in a water tank of a hostel in Worli. 

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In a government hostel in Chembur, students were reportedly served food with a dead lizard in it.

Rahul Jambhulkar, a student noticed that there was a dead lizard in the gravy when he was served lunch on Sunday. "I was pouring some gravy in my plate when I was shocked to see a dead lizard coming out of it. We immediately brought this to the notice of the mess authorities but they did not seem very concerned," he said.

According to an Indian Express report, the residents of the Sant Eknath government boys' hostel have registered a complaint against the mess contractor.

The student said in the past they have found pieces of glass and insects in the food. But, nothing seems to have changed despite the complaints.

After the students complained about the dead lizard, the mess contractor refused to believe it and alleged that it was a prank played by them.

The Sant Eknath government boys' hostel is one of the hostels run by the social welfare and justice department. They have complained of unhygienic food earlier as well.

In 2012, a dead crow was found in a water tank of a hostel in Worli.

Students have been complaining of worms in their food for the past couple of years, while the authorities not taking any action.

"Even now, they were not taking the issue seriously until the department intervened," advocate Manoj Tekade, a former resident of the Worli hostel and activist of Prahar Vidyarthi Sanghatana told Express.