10/02/2017 1:29 PM IST | Updated 10/02/2017 1:29 PM IST

PM Modi's 'Raincoat' Comment Was Actually In Praise Of Manmohan Singh, Says Home Minister Rajnath Singh

"The PM said that in spite of so many scams, Dr Singh emerged clean. That's praise."

Rajnath Singh/Facebook

LUCKNOW -- Coming out in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his 'raincoat' jibe, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday asserted that the statement was actually in praise of former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

"The Prime Minister only said that in spite of so many scams, Dr. Singh emerged clean. It is praise," Singh said at media conference.

Singh said the BJP holds the senior Congress leader in high respect.

"Prime Minister Modi did not insult anyone. All of us respect Dr Manmohan Singh,"

Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday had trained his guns on his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh, accusing him of letting corruption run free under his nose but managing to steer clear of any charges.

"Dr Manhmohan has played a significant role in the economic system of India. But during the most corrupt regime in the nation, there was not a single corruption charge against him. This art of taking a bath wearing a raincoat must be learnt from Dr. Manmohan Singh," the Prime Minister said, setting off cries of shame by the Congress and a walkout.

The Prime Minister responded by saying that if the opposition breaches decorum, then they should also have the courage to listen to responses.

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