10/02/2017 3:22 PM IST | Updated 10/02/2017 3:53 PM IST

IT Professional Rescues Baby From 'Suspicious Looking' Woman On Mumbai Local

The baby has still not been identified.

Facebook/Monica Nath

On Wednesday, while travelling from Vashi to CST on a Mumbai local train, Monica Nath spotted a woman with a baby, and felt that something was amiss. The 25-year-old who works as a data analyst with an IT company in Mumbai boarded the train at 9:15 pm when she saw a woman dressed in rags holding a baby in her arms.

Nath told the Mumbai Mirror that the woman was not holding the baby properly. When she enquired about the child, the woman could not reply satisfactorily. She did not seem to know the baby's name or gender. Convinced that the woman wasn't the baby's mother, Nath contacted the police at GTB station with the help of the station master.

According to the police, upon interrogation the woman identified herself as Rajnandini and claimed that the child was hers. None of the other details she provided have been verified so far.

"She could be mentally challenged, as she couldn't answer the questions properly," a senior officer at Wadala GRP, where the woman was taken for investigation, told the Mumbai Mirror.

Both the woman and the child underwent medical examination at Sion Hospital, after which the baby was moved to the Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption And Child Welfare in Matunga in Mumbai.

Nath has narrated her experience in a Facebook post, asking people to help identify the baby and find the parents.

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