Cringe Pop King Taher Shah Has A Valentine's Day 'Gift' For His Fans

Many people may not see 'eye to eye' on this.

NEW DELHI -- Call it good news or bad, Taher Shah is coming up with a special gift for you!

After taking the world on a stir with 'Eye to Eye' and 'Angel', Taher is back with a Valentine's Day "gift" for his fans.

The Pakistani singer, known for making unique and absurd music, recently announced on Twitter that he will release a song this Valentine's Season.

Shah tweeted:

Shah shot to fame with his first song, 'Eye to Eye' that quickly became an internet sensation and attracted a lot of attention, followed by his second song, ' Angel' (2016) that (surprisingly) also won an award in the US.

Later in December, Shah left Pakistan after receiving death threats from people not known to him.

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