09/02/2017 10:43 AM IST | Updated 09/02/2017 11:17 AM IST

Egg Curry, Dal, Shukto And Rice For 'Devil's Knot'-Obsessed Bhopal Serial Killer

He had over 110 fake email and Facebook accounts.

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Horror scene of man with knife.

Udayan Das built a complex web around himself to establish to others that he lived a fulfilling and successful life. The alleged serial killer from Bhopal, who brutally murdered his live-in girlfriend and buried her body in concrete in his house, showed several signs that the police now think can connect him to the case. Das is also accused of killing his parents the same way and burying their bodies in the backyard of his house in Raipur.

"Udayan was addicted to crime thrillers. He had watched the 2013 film 'Devil's Knot' several times before deciding to apply the same methodology while murdering Akansha," the SP (Bankura), Sukhendu Hira, told Times of India.

Devil's Knot, based on a true 2002 story by Mara Leveritt of the same name, is a disturbing film set in West Memphis, Arkansas, and involves three teenagers who were convicted of killing three young boys during a Satanic ritual.

According to the police, Das weathered the police questioning perfectly well, with no signs of a breakdown.

Das was reportedly served egg curry, rice, shukto (a vegetable curry), a pumpkin curry and dal, which he ate, a police source told the paper.

The police said he travelled to Rajasthan and Delhi to meet Akansha Sharma. Das allegedly marked in red in a calendar the dates of his visits, including those to Bhopal. Police claim the murder of Akanksha was premeditated.

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The police also found as many as 110 fake email and Facebook accounts Das had created. "He would note down the email IDs and passwords and then use them to comment on his own posts," a police official told the paper.