09/02/2017 12:47 PM IST | Updated 09/02/2017 1:04 PM IST

A Dad With Gifts For His Kids In The Backseat Burns To Death As Spectators Click Videos

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Sachin Tyagi had called home and asked his wife to prepare dinner. He picked up gifts for his children before he headed home after a hard day's work driving a cab he had bought only 18 months ago from a showroom in east Delhi on a loan for five years.

On Tuesday night, as it went up in flames in front of Mandoli Jail, and he could neither extinguish the fire nor break the glass windows to escape, Tyagi burnt to death in front of spectators who made no effort to help him, according to reports.

The Hindustan Times quoted family members as saying that several onlookers stood by the burning car recording videos and clicking photos. What's more shocking is, they even offered to transfer the videos to the family members via WhatsApp and Bluetooth.

"He was the sole breadwinner and had been treating his mother's ailment with his meagre income. He had to work extra hours to meet the demands of the family," a relative told the Times of India.

Aadesh, a cousin of Tyagi, said he did not spot a single stone or brick lying near the charred car, indicative of the fact that probably no one proceeded to help the victim.

"They were busy recording a video of the incident," he alleged.

Although Kamal, a local shopkeeper, said the car was gutted in under 15 minutes, before anyone could help Tyagi.