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Only Manmohan Singh Knows How To Bathe Wearing A Raincoat, Says PM Modi In Rajya Sabha

"There is no denying that corruption has spread its roots in the society."

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NEW DELHI -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said his governments war against corruption and black money was not a political fight and said it was meant to empower honest people.

"There is no denying that corruption has spread its roots in the society. The biggest sufferers of this parallel economy are the poor whose rights are snatched and the middle class," Modi said during a debate in the Rajya Sabha.

"How long will we continue to brush things under the carpet and move on? There is no reason to believe this a political fight or to create problems for any political party," he said.

Defending his 8 November decision to demonetise ₹1,000 and ₹500 notes, Modi said the step was to empower the honest.

"Honest forces will not be empowered unless harsh steps are taken against the dishonest. The ultimate beneficiaries of these steps will be the poor. These steps will empower the honest," he said.

Rajya Sabha, then witnessed a major chaos when Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that only his predecessor Manmohan Singh could teach the art of taking bath with the raincoat on.

The Congress reacted sharply to the comment and staged a walk out from the House.

Modi made the comment while responding to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President's address. He said that Manmohan Singh had associated with the country's economic activities for a long time "and yet there was no blame against him".

"How to take bath with a rain coat on could only be learnt from Manmohan Singh ji," he said. Reacting to it, the Congress members shouted at the treasury benches and staged a walk out. They were joined by members of some other opposition parties.

Singh was the Prime Minister for 10 years and headed UPA-I and UPA-II governments.

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