07/02/2017 4:41 PM IST | Updated 07/02/2017 5:15 PM IST

In Delhi, Class 4 Textbook Asks Students To Suffocate A Cat As Part Of An Experiment On 'Living Things'


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The book suggests an experiment that includes suffocating a cat to death.

We live in a strange world. A textbook that's supposed to teach children how to protect the environment has decided that the best way to figure the difference between living and non-living beings is by conducting a very strange experiment. An experiment that includes suffocating a cat to death. And no, we are not joking.

If you don't believe us, read this.

This is from a chapter of the book titled "Our Green World", meant for students of Class IV in a Delhi school.

The textbook explains that living things cannot survive without breathing. Now how do you know that they breathe?

According to the textbook, the children can do an experiment to prove it.

"Take two wooden boxes. Make holes on lid of one box. Put a small kitten in each box. Close the boxes. After some time open the boxes. What do you see? The kitten inside the box without the holes has died."

After the picture went viral on social media, a lot of people got in touch with animal rights activist and Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development Maneka Gandhi. Her team is reportedly looking at the issue now.

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