'Change Sexy Durga To Sexy Sreeja': Malayalam Film Director Gets Threats For His Movie Title

This is NOT okay.

Soon after acclaimed Malayalam director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan made news for his recent movie 'Sexy Durga' that won the Hivos Tiger Award at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2017, he started receiving death threats for apparently putting 'sexy' before the name Durga.

Sasidharan posted on Facebook that he has been receiving threats over Whatsapp from a man who claims to be a Rahul Shrivastava, the president of an organisation called the Hindu Swabhiman Sangh.

The director said that this man who has been threatening him has a problem with the word "sexy" before the name of "Goddess Durga".

"When I said my film has nothing to do with "Goddess Durga" he is asking why I am not putting the name "Sexy Sreeja" to the film. When I said "Sreeja" is also a goddess name, he is telling me that Shreeja is my wife's name too. Arrey bhai.. Use the same logic here please.. Durga is name of so many poor girls too," he wrote on Facebook, with the screenshots of the messages he was reportedly sent.

Read his post here:

'Sexy Durga' follows the horrifying experience of two hitchhikers, a man and a woman, at the hands of two men, in the dead of the night. The film shows the hypocrisy of the society, where women is worshiped in the form of idol and abused in the flesh.

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