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Bhopal Man, Who Allegedly Murdered Live-In Partner, Says He Killed His Parents Too

He has told police that he had strangulated his mother and father in 2010-11 and buried them in the compound of their house in Raipur.

Shams Alavi

BHOPAL -- A man arrested for allegedly killing his live-in partner and entombing her body has told police that he murdered his parents six years ago and buried them in their house in Raipur.

Police on Sunday said they are verifying the shocking claim made by Udayan Das (32), who was arrested for allegedly strangulating his live-in partner Akanksha (28) in December last year and entombing her body at his residence in Bhopal.

"During interrogation, he has told police that he had strangulated his mother and father in 2010-11 and buried them in the compound of their house in Raipur," South Bhopal Superintendent of Police (SP) Sidharath Bahuguna told PTI today.

"We are sending a police party to Raipur. We cannot rely on his statement as he is changing them frequently," he added.

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Earlier, in his statement to police, the accused had said his father P K Das, a retired officer of Bhopal based BHEL, who ran a factory after superannuation, had died of heart attack in 2010 at a Raipur hospital, Bhopal Govindpura area City Superintendent of Police (CSP) Virendra Mishra, under whose jurisdiction the crime was committed, said.

Udayan has given contradictory statements about his mother Indrani too, saying she was staying in the US and Delhi, he added.

"The accused has a very sharp mind and convincing power. He speaks fluent English and lies with confidence," the CSP added.

The investigations have revealed that Udayan was a Class XII pass out from a school in Bhopal and not an IITian as he had claimed earlier, police said, adding, he led a lavish life.

His parents own a flat in Defence Colony in Delhi which fetches a monthly rent of ₹10,000, a flat in Raipur that is rented out for ₹7,000 per month and a ground floor flat at Sakat Nagar in Bhopal that brings ₹5,000 as rent to him, they said.

Besides, he gets interest on his joint bank Fixed Deposit with his father of ₹8.5 lakh, they said.

Police suspect that he was withdrawing his parents' pension as well.

Udayan told investigators that he was influenced by an English serial 'Walking Dead' which he loved to watch and enact, police said.

The accused lived a luxurious life and drove an expensive car. He had LCDs in all the three rooms of his first floor flat at Sakat Nagar, they added.

He didn't hire anybody for cleaning purposes and the entire house was littered with cigarette butts and liquor bottles that were found all over the house, they said.

The leftover of his meals, which he brought from hotels and markets, were stinking when police went to his house to arrest him on 2 February, said police.

The accused instead of water drank liquor and beer since last three months. He had not taken a bath as well for the same period and to fight odour used costly perfumes, claimed police.

The accused used to go out on date with girls, who usually sported hijabs or scarves to conceal their identities, sources close to investigators said.

Udayan had befriended Akanksha Sharma on social media.

Akanksha was living with the accused after telling her parents that she was living in the US but they became suspicious after losing contact with her in December last.

The body of the woman, who hailed from Bankura in West Bengal, was exhumed in the early hours of 3 February.

The accused strangled the woman, stuffed the body in an iron box, then put it in a larger box before constructing a marble platform over it to hide the crime.

West Bengal police have arrested Udayan on charges of murdering his live-in partner Akanksha alias Shweta.

The accused told police that he killed her on 14 July, last year. Earlier he had said that he allegedly murdered her in December, said police.

The accused was very possessive about Akanksha and he killed her as he found her talking with some person on her mobile phone, police said.

Meanwhile, body of Akanksha was on Sunday consigned to flames at Subhash Nagar crematorium after police advised the family members of the deceased that it wasn't wise to take the body to West Bengal due to its state.

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